Product Authentication

As the Security Printing Division for DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.) Premier’s offerings Product & Document Authentication start with the DSS portfolio of patented Authentication technologies.  DSS's authentication technologies add a level of proof to your goods and materials so they can be verified as genuine.


Customizable in shape, size and location, the mark is added to your product’s artwork and printed onto your packaging during the normal production process (offset, flexo and digital); creating a seamless integration of your product authentication program.  These encrypted marks can hold a wide variety of information specific to your brand’s needs.  Examples include: origin, destination, expiration and serial number.

By utilizing our DSS patented Prism technology, these marks resist duplication on copiers or scanners to protect the embedded code.  Prism technology is a fast, indisputable verification tool that embeds images or words into solid areas, which can only be revealed using the smartphone application.  Copies or scans of this mark will not contain the original hidden words, information or images.



Secure product packaging and documentation don't have to upstage your brand.  With this ingenious, impossible-to-replicate technology, your brand identity remains front and center.  Through Optically Variable Technology, or OTV, Phantom authentication technology protects product packaging and important documents.  It adds a hidden image to the design that's only visible to the naked eye when viewed at an angle.  So it's quick and easy for anyone to verify the authenticity of your brand—including your customers.

  • Uses tilt-to-reveal hidden images or words that can be viewed without special equipment
  • Viewed straight on, embedded image is invisible; viewed at an angle it is clearly revealed, up to 12 feet away
  • Can't be reproduced, with even the best scanner or copier


One of the most sophisticated optical authentication technologies on the market today.  VeriGlow creates a valid image in ultraviolet or white opaque ink, hiding confidential information from the naked eye that can only be revealed using a combination of a proprietary Authenticator lens observed under UV light.

  • Invisible ink embedded in the document, label or package during the normal printing process or placed on pre-printed documents or packaging.
  • A special reading system reveals hidden code to ensure authenticity.
  • Not visible to the naked eye, uses simple two-step authentication process.
  • Ideal for securing currency, passports and other vital records.

Security Printing.

Control, Deter & Prevent Document Fraud.

A disturbing and growing trend in today’s market place is the proliferation of counterfeit and altered documents. From negotiable documents like currency, checks and high value coupons to identification documents like birth certificates, car registrations, transcripts, and drivers’ licenses we are all impacted by this type of fraud. Premier has market-leading solutions in document security and anti-counterfeiting measures to help our customers combat this trend.

As the Security Printing Division for DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.) Premier has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and tested portfolio of security technologies to leverage against document fraud. We have many options from our stock security paper to customizing a layered design for your security application.