Anti Counterfeiting

Our paper products are protected by a variety of overt (obvious) and covert (unknown) security features.  Depending upon the intended application, Protected Paper's layered approach to printing includes a combination of the base paper stock, custom artwork, patented AuthentiGuard™ technologies, use of security inks, as well as a variety of finishing techniques.  We combine these anti-copy and alter-resistant techniques to provide a product that is both effective and affordable.

Protected Paper's team of research and development experts continually evaluate and upgrade our technologies to ensure that they remain among the strongest in the industry.  Below is a listing of these security features, accompanied with a brief description of each:

Base Paper Stock

Our initial defense against counterfeiting and document alteration starts at the paper mill.  Many of our paper products are printed on a laser compatible base security paper that is UV dull, with invisible fluorescent fibers (detectable under an ultraviolet light source) and chemical sensitivity to solvents (stains or multi-language "VOID" messages appear if the document is altered).

Pantograph 4000™

(Original) (Attempted B&W Copy / Fax) (Attempted Color Copy / Scan)

All of our paper products are protected by AuthentiGuard Pantograph 4000™.  This patented technology involves the printing of hidden text messages ("VOID", "COPY", "UNAUTHORIZED COPY", etc.) into the background of a document.  Text information or other artwork is placed onto this paper.  Then, when this "original" is copied of scanned, the hidden word pattern becomes visible on the duplicate.  The end result - a clearly distinguishable copy that can not pass off as the original.

Similar technologies exist, but none have the power or effectiveness of Pantograph 4000™.


(Original) (Attempted Color Copy / Scan)

This anti-copy technology is meant to provide protection against certain model high-end color copiers.  Block-Out™ designs are embedded into original artwork, photographs and other important information that requires protection against unauthorized duplication.  Block-Out™ technology can be placed on most any type of printable substrate, making it ideal for a multitude of applications including ID cards, product warranties, discount coupons, commercial photo proofing and ticketing.

Security Printing.

Control, Deter & Prevent Document Fraud.

A disturbing and growing trend in today’s market place is the proliferation of counterfeit and altered documents. From negotiable documents like currency, checks and high value coupons to identification documents like birth certificates, car registrations, transcripts, and drivers’ licenses we are all impacted by this type of fraud. Premier has market-leading solutions in document security and anti-counterfeiting measures to help our customers combat this trend.

As the Security Printing Division for DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.) Premier has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and tested portfolio of security technologies to leverage against document fraud. We have many options from our stock security paper to customizing a layered design for your security application.